Creator Tool




November 2018


BOSE AR Developer Showcase

As part of our ongoing Developer Partnership with Bose AR, we were invited to the first-ever Bose AR Developer Showcase in Framingham, Mass.

Using their brand-new prototype Creator Tool we created a pop-up GPS-driven version of our location-based AR hip-hop experience CONSEQUENCES in and around the Bose Campus in Framingham, and exhibited alongside some of the most innovative audio and AR companies in the world.

As an audio-led immersive studio on the front lines of audio AR, Playlines is contributing design insight and user journeys for the Creator Tool; we’ve also had an exclusive chance to play around with some of Bose’s other upcoming prototypes, and Bose has even shown their support for us by sending us stacks and stacks of their brand-new spatial audio Frames wearables well before their street date, to help us show off CONSEQUENCES and develop its spatial audio potential. Thanks guys!